Waldo County Local Emergency Planning Committee

Purpose: To oversee a broad-based collaborative effort to prepare the communities in Waldo County to respond to emergencies involving hazardous chemicals.

Current Membership

  • Elected Official: Commissioner Amy Fowler
  • Emergency Management: Dale Rowley, Olga Hussey, and Rob Hoey
  • Environmental: Tiffany LaClair (DEP), Nina Caputo (DEP) and Brett Igo (USCG)
  • Health/Medical: Gayle Cmar
  • Facility Officials: David Colter (GAC), Ryan Morrison (GAC), Eric Madachik (GAC), Helma James (Gathr-Pride Manfr), Laura Bailey (M&N)
  • Facility Employees: Vacant
  • Citizens: Peter Goodwin, Steve Clark, Paul Biddle
  • Law Enforcement: Vacant
  • Fire Department: Vacant
  • EMS: Vacant
  • Transportation: Vacant
  • Media: Vacant
  • Community Group: Vacant

LEPC Officers: Chair – Eric Madachik, Vice Chair/Treasurer – Dale Rowley, Secretary – Olga Hussey

Meeting Dates/Times: Meetings are the third Thursday of January, April, July and October at 11:00 am in the Waldo County EMA office.

Contact: Waldo County EMA, 685 Swan Lake Avenue, Swanville, ME 04915 Phone: 207.338.3870 Fax: 207.338.1890 Email: [email protected]