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Public Information – Local Communities

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Town of Waldo (website):

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Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA):

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

What’s Going On?

This page has been set up to provide the public with updated information on the current emergency situation. Please do not call 911 to find out what is going on. Only call 911 when you need emergency assistance. Contact (207) 338-3870 during business hours or e-mail anytime to ask questions. Should a threat to the public occur, you may be notified through your cell phone with a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) message. Also, during an emergency, you may tune your AM/FM radio to AM 530 to receive official emergency information.

Current Situation:

  1. A National Emergency regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic disease outbreak continues…

Current Emergency Management Recommendations:

  1. Current Covid19 information by the Maine CDC ( )
  2. Current U.S. CDC Coronavirus website (
  3. Goto to sign up for alerts from the State of Maine.

Current Weather Forecast:

Current Weather Alerts:

Road Conditions: All roads in the County are open.

Evacuations: None at this time.

Sheltering: None at this time.

Local Power Grid: No power outages reported.

Current as of: October 7, 2021

Youth Preparedness Committee

The Waldo County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Waldo County 4-H program have joined together to form the Waldo County Youth Preparedness Committee (YPC) in order to serve our County’s youth. The purpose of the YPC is to:

  1. Educate and Engage our Youth in Emergency Preparedness Life Skills.
  2. Encourage Civic Involvement by our Youth in order to build resilient communities.

The following documents include meeting minutes, worksheets and guidance.

Waldo County Local Emergency Planning Committee

Purpose: To oversee a broad-based collaborative effort to prepare the communities in Waldo County to respond to emergencies involving hazardous chemicals.

Current Membership

  • Elected Officials: Commissioner Amy Fowler
  • Emergency Management: Dale Rowley, Olga Rumney, Rob Hoey and Almon Rivers (Searsport)
  • Environmental: John Selleck (DEP), Tiffany LaClair (DEP), John Woodward (DEP), and Brett Igo (USCG)
  • Health/Medical: Tom Nelson (WCGH)
  • Facility Officials: David Colter (GAC), Ryan Morrison (GAC), Steve Craig (PM) and Ronny Clark (PM)
  • Facility Employees: Steve Clark (Front Street Shipyard)
  • Citizens: Peter Goodwin
  • Law Enforcement: Todd Boisvert (Searsport PD)
  • Fire Department: Vacant
  • EMS: Vacant
  • Transportation: Stephen Wing (Buckeye Partners) and Oscar Gerry (PanAm)
  • Media: Vacant
  • Community Group: Vacant

LEPC Officers: Chair – Almon Rivers, Vice Chair/Treasurer – Dale Rowley, Secretary – Olga Rumney

Meeting Dates/Times: Meetings are the third Thursday of January, April, July and October at 11:00 am in the Waldo County EMA office.

Contact: Waldo County EMA, 4 Public Safety Way, Belfast, ME 04915 Phone: 207.33.3870 Fax: 207.338.1890 Email:

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