County of Waldo’s Tax Abatement Notices, Minutes and Decrees

PetitionNotice DateMeeting DateDescription
37405-29-201805-22-2018G Martin vs Montville Decree
37405-22-201805-22-2018G Martin vs Montville Minutes
37405-16-201805-16-2018G Martin vs Montville Minutes
37403-26-201805-16-2018G Martin vs Montville Notice
37305-29-201805-22-2018B McKeen vs Montville Decree
37305-22-201805-22-2018B McKeen vs Montville Minutes
37305-16-201805-16-2018B McKeen vs Montville Minutes
37303-26-201805-16-2018B McKeen vs Montville Notice
37207-19-201709-27-2017M Gendron vs Liberty – Cancelled
37207-19-201709-27-2017M Gendron vs Liberty Notice
37104-21-201704-21-2017Unity College vs Thorndike Denied Hearing
37004-28-201604-28-2016D Paul vs Liberty Minutes
37004-19-201604-28-2016D Paul vs Liberty Recovene Notice
37004-14-201604-14-2016D Paul vs Liberty Minutes
37001-29-201604-14-2016D Paul vs Liberty Notice
36911-03-201511-03-2015R Hegstrom vs Brooks Denied Hearing
36802-05-201502-05-2015M Kadis vs Northport Denied Hearing
36703-17-201503-17-2015D Davis vs Thorndike Minutes
36703-13-201503-17-2015D Davis vs Thorndike Reconvene Notice
36703-12-201503-12-2015D Davis vs Thorndike Minutes
36702-12-201503-12-2015D Davis vs Thorndike Notice
36712-22-2014PostponedD Davis vs Thorndike Notice
36602-24-2014 E Strout vs Palermo – Cancelled
36602-24-2014 E Strout vs Palermo Notice
36505-19-2014 J Zinkevich vs Prospect Decree
36505-13-2014 J Zinkevich vs Prospect Minutes
36505-13-2014 J Zinkevich vs Prospect Notice – Rescheduled
36511-12-2013 J Zinkevich vs Prospect Notice
36411-12-2013 M Ryan vs Palermo Notice – Cancelled
36411-12-2013 M Ryan vs Palermo Notice
36308-13-2013 MOFGA vs Thorndike Hearing Note
36206-20-2013 Greenwoods LLC vs Northport Decree
36206-13-2013 Greenwoods LLC vs Northport Minutes
36205-22-2013 Greenwoods LLC vs Northport Notice
36112-13-2012 D Scheibel vs Burnham Decree
36112-11-2012 D Scheibel vs Burnham Minutes
36111-16-2012 D Scheibel vs Burnham Notice
36001-09-2013 R Woodward vs Palermo Decree
36001-08-2013 R Woodward vs Palermo Minutes
36012-03-2012 R Woodward vs Palermo Notice
36011-14-2012 R Woodward vs Palermo Notice
35908-11-2012 R Westhoven vs Palermo Notice
35808-16-2012 D Penney vs Knox Decree
35808-14-2012 D Penney vs Knox Minutes
35807-25-2012 D Penney vs Knox Notice
35704-13-2012 G Titcomb vs Palermo Decree
35704-10-2012 G Titcomb vs Palermo Minutes
35703-29-2012 G Titcomb vs Palermo Notice
35602-16-2012 T Paul vs Palermo Decree
35602-14-2012 T Paul vs Palermo Minutes
35601-11-2012 T Paul vs Palermo Notice
35506-22-2011 P Walker vs Northport Decree
35506-14-2011 P Walker vs Northport Minutes
35505-12-2011 P Walker vs Northport Notice
35403-09-2011 J. Simpson vs Montville Notice – Cancelled
35303-14-2011 S. Bennett vs Waldo Decree
35303-08-2011 S. Bennett vs Waldo Minutes
35302-18-2011 S. Bennett vs Waldo Notice
35205-12-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Decree
35205-10-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Minutes
35205-03-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Reconvene Notice
35204-12-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Minutes
35204-07-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Reconvene Notice
35203-08-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Reconvene Notice
35203-08-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Minutes
35202-18-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Reconvene Notice
35202-08-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Minutes
35201-14-2011 L. Philbrook vs Montville Notice
35112-20-2010 R. Lucco vs Palermo Decree
35112-14-2010 R. Lucco vs Palermo Minutes
35112-08-2010 R. Lucco vs Palermo Notice
35012-18-2009 A. Sirles vs Frankfort Decree
35012-15-2009 A. Sirles vs Frankfort Minutes
35011-13-2009 A. Sirles vs Frankfort Notice
34910-19-2009 S. Corey vs Montville Notice – Cancelled
34807-20-2009 A. Brillard vs Thorndike Notice – Cancelled
34705-26-2009 D. Zahoruiko vs Troy Decree
34705-19-2009 D. Zahoruiko vs Troy Minutes
34705-13-2009 D. Zahoruiko vs Troy Notice
34608-20-2009 R. Hendrix vs Northport Decree
34608-11-2009 R. Hendrix vs Northport Minutes
34607-20-2009 R. Hendrix vs Northport Notice
34503-17-2009 P. Gray vs Troy Decree
34503-10-2009 P. Gray vs Troy Minutes
34502-12-2009 P. Gray vs Troy Notice
34403-17-2009 R. Hegstrom vs Brooks Decree
34403-10-2009 R. Hegstrom vs Brooks Minutes
34402-02-2009 R. Hegstrom vs Brooks Notice
34301-20-2009 L. Brown vs Belmont Decree
34301-13-2009 L. Brown vs Belmont Minutes
34312-11-2008 L. Brown vs Belmont Notice
34211-24-2008 E. Leary vs Palermo Decree
34211-12-2008 E. Leary vs Palermo Minutes
34210-20-2008 E. Leary vs Palermo Notice
34110-17-2008 W. Bucklin vs Swanville Notice – Cancelled
34007-28-2008 Tri-Town Snow Riders vs Morrill Decree
34007-08-2008 Tri-Town Snow Riders vs Morrill Minutes
34006-05-2008 Tri-Town Snow Riders vs Morrill Notice
33904-15-2008 E. Wancus Jr. vs Knox Decree
33904-08-2008 E. Wancus Jr. vs Knox Minutes
33902-27-2008 E. Wancus Jr. vs Knox Notice
33801-31-2008 C. Bennett vs Brooks Decree
33801-23-2008 C. Bennett vs Brooks Minutes
33801-15-2008 C. Bennett vs Brooks Notice
33710-31-2007 K. Corley vs Swanville Decree
33710-09-2007 K. Corley vs Swanville Minutes
33709-19-2007 K. Corley vs Swanville Notice
33610-02-2007 P. Yates vs Palermo Decree
33609-18-2007 P. Yates vs Palermo Minutes
33609-12-2007 P. Yates vs Palermo Notice
33511-13-2007 B&MRR Society vs Unity Decree
33511-06-2007 B&MRR Society vs Unity Deliberation Minutes
33510-22-2007 B&MRR Society vs Unity Deliberation Notice
33510-09-2007 B&MRR Society vs Unity Deliberation Minutes
33509-25-2007 B&MRR Society vs Unity Deliberation Notice
33509-11-2007 B&MRR Society vs Unity Minutes
33508-24-2007 B&MRR Society vs Unity Notice
334-211-13-2007 D. Baker vs Troy Decree
334-209-11-2007 D. Baker vs Troy Minutes
334-208-07-2007 D. Baker vs Troy Notice
33407-06-2007 D. Baker vs Troy Notice
33306-12-2007 J. Marks vs Burhnam Decree
33306-12-2007 J. Marks vs Burhnam Minutes
33305-07-2007 J. Marks vs Burhnam Notice
332-211-13-2007 D. Simoneau vs Brooks Decree
332-211-06-2007 D. Simoneau vs Brooks Minutes
332-210-15-2007 D. Simoneau vs Brooks Remanded Notice
33203-26-2007 D. Simoneau vs Brooks Decree
33203-13-2007 D. Simoneau vs Brooks Minutes
33203-06-2007 D. Simoneau vs Brooks Notice
33102-13-2007 J. Howe vs Brooks Decree
33102-06-2007 J. Howe vs Brooks Minutes
33101-16-2007 J. Howe vs Brooks Notice
33002-13-2007 F. Grignon vs Burnham Decree
33002-06-2007 F. Grignon vs Burnham Minutes
33001-16-2007 F. Grignon vs Burnham Notice
32904-10-2007 W. Shepherd vs Burnham Final Decree
32902-13-2007 W. Shepherd vs Burnham Decree
32902-06-2007 W. Shepherd vs Burnham Minutes
32901-16-2007 W. Shepherd vs Burnham Notice
32811-14-2006 P. Yates vs Palermo Decree
32811-14-2006 P. Yates vs Palermo Minutes
32810-19-2006 P. Yates vs Palermo Notice
32707-31-2006 T. Ledden vs Freedom Decree
32707-11-2006 T. Ledden vs Freedom Deliberation Minutes
32707-03-2006 T. Ledden vs Freedom Deliberation Notice
32706-13-2006 T. Ledden vs Freedom Minutes
32705-17-2006 T. Ledden vs Freedom Notice
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