Registry of Deeds


The Register of Deeds for the County of Waldo handles documents that are related to real estate (property) ownership. The Register records the documents so that they are searchable by all entities and for all time. These documents prove ownership and interest in every piece of property with the County of Waldo.

These documents include deeds, mortgages, liens, discharges, assignments and plans, just to name a few. They are entered into the public record in the order they are received. Furthermore, they are made available to the public through a paper and electronic index.

Every day the Register of Deeds is used and accessed by individuals; banks, credit bureaus, lawyers, title companies, genealogists and independent researchers.

Our online web search specifically for the County of Waldo is available via the County of Waldo Land Records link allows users to electronically access documents from 1976 to present and plans from 1800 to present. These documents may also be accessed in person.  The Register of Deeds has documents dated back to the 1700s.

The County of Waldo provides access to all land records in the State of Maine via the new Official Land Records Website of the Maine Registers of Deeds Association. Please check out this new feature.

Waldo County Register of Deeds Filing and Copying Fee Schedule

County of Waldo Land Records

Official Land Records Website of the Maine Registers of Deeds Association