County of Waldo Commissioners Court Calendar

The Waldo County Commissioners hold their monthly court sessions as needed to complete County business. Generally, the monthly Regular Court sessions occur on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  The following court dates are tentative and subject to change.  Agendas for the County Commissioners’ court sessions are generally posted two to three business days prior to the session date.  Occasionally Regular Court sessions are rescheduled, and Special Court sessions may be scheduled as needed.  If a Special Court session is scheduled with less than 24-hours’ notice, the public may not receive advance notice. 

*Please note that in an effort to follow CDC guidelines during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Waldo County Commissioners are holding all court sessions by Zoom video/telephone conferencing.  Zoom links to each session will be made available on this web page before each session

01-09-20209:00amRegular CourtCommissioners’ Office
01-16-20201:00pmRegular CourtCommissioners’ Office
02-06-20209:00amRegular CourtCommissioners’ Office
02-18-202010:00amSpecial SessionCommissioners’ Office
02-20-20201:00pmRegular CourtCommissioners’ Office
03-05-20209:00amRegular CourtCommissioners’ Office
03-16-20208:00amSpecial SessionCommissioners’ Office
03-19-20201:00pmRegular CourtCommissioners’ Office
04-01-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
04-03-202010:00amSpecial SessionRemote
04-06-202010:00amSpecial SessionRemote
04-15-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
04-20-20201:00pmSpecial SessionRemote
04-22-202010:00amSpecial SessionRemote
04-27-202010:00amSpecial SessionRemote
05-01-202012:00pmSpecial SessionRemote
05-06-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
05-20-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
06-03-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
06-17-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
07-01-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
07-15-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
08-05-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
08-19-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
09-02-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
09-16-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
10-07-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
10-21-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
11-04-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
11-18-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
12-02-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote
12-16-20209:00amRegular CourtRemote