Author: Nicole Hubbard

County of Waldo Road Hearing Notices, Minutes and Decrees

2020 to 2015 Hearings
2014 Hearings
2014-1 D Paul vs Liberty 11-13-2014
2014-1 D Paul vs Liberty 11-13-2014 Hearing Notice
2014-1 D Paul vs Liberty 09-25-2014 Minutes
2014-1 D Paul vs Liberty 09-25-2014 Notice – REVISED
2014-1 D Paul vs Liberty 09-25-2014 Notice
2013 to 2008 Hearings
2007 Hearings
2007-1 C Bennett vs Brooks 08-28-2007 Decree
2007-1 C Bennett vs Brooks 08-28-2007 Minutes
2007-1 C Bennett vs Brooks 08-28-2007 Notice
2006 Hearings
2006-1 A Ludden vs Jackson 02-14-2006 Minutes
2006-1 A Ludden vs Jackson 02-14-2006 Notice
2005 and prior years
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County of Waldo Commissioners’ Court Agendas and Minutes for Current Calendar Year and Previous Years

The Waldo County Commissioners hold their monthly court sessions during each month as needed to complete County business. Generally, the monthly General Court sessions occur on the first Thursday and third Thursday of each month (this was changed at the September 19, 2019 court session). General Courts are often scheduled and occasionally the regular sessions are rescheduled. The following dates are tentative and subject to change.

Agenda’s for the County’s Commissioners’ court sessions are generally posted the business day before the meeting date.

01-09-20209:00amGeneral CourtCommissioners’ CourtroomAgendaMinutes
02-06-20209:00amGeneral CourtCommissioners’ CourtroomAgendaMinutes
02-18-202010:00amSpecial SessionCommissioners’ CourtroomAgenda-Not Yet PublishedNo Minutes Taken
02-20-20201:00pmGeneral CourtCommissioners’ CourtroomAgendaMinutes
03-05-20209:00amGeneral CourtCommissioners’ CourtroomAgendaMinutes
03-16-20208:00amSpecial SessionCommissioners’ CourtroomAgendaNo Minutes Taken
04-01-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
04-03-202010:00amSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
04-06-202010:00amSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
04-15-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
04-20-20201:00pmSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
04-22-202010:00amSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
04-27-202010:00amSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
05-01-202012:00pmSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
05-06-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
05-20-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
06-04-20201:00pmGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
06-08-20204:00pmSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
06-16-20209:00amSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
06-17-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
07-01-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
07-07-20209:00amSpecial SessionRemotelyAgendaMinutes
07-15-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
08-05-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
08-19-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
09-02-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
09-16-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
10-07-20209:00amGeneral CourtRemotelyAgendaMinutes
Previous Calendar Years
2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
2010 and previous years available at the Commissioners Office only